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What Are Peek A Tees?

What Are Peek A Tees | The Story of Peek A Tees | See How Green Our T-shirts Are

The Story of Peek A  Tees

My daughter says I have the worry gene. Someday she will understand how parents feel when their children venture into the real world without us. Worried.

Our children are going to day camps, on field trips and on outings at such a young age. Even family trips to busy parks or public places can be stressful with little ones. Any parent who has turned around in a store and can't see their child knows that specific panic mixed with words like would have, could have, should have.

The realization that my daughter did not know how to find me if she got lost was a powerless and horrible feeling.

When my five year started Kindergarten she was supposed to wear a nametag for the first two days, with teacher and bus information. She told me "no". I explained it would help adults get her to class, back on the bus and home again. She told me "no". I did not like her "no" but I realized she would remove the tag so instead we made a fun marker tattoo on her arm. At the bus stop two moms chuckled at my worry gene and market tattoo but as I waved goodbye to my daughter I was glad she knew her classroom, bus number and my phone number.

That afternoon only two of our three children got off the bus. I felt the panic on my friend's face and we spent an agonizing hour before they found her five year old on another bus. It was a horrible situation with a happy ending but I was relieved about our marker tattoo and I did it again the next day.

Over the next few years my children went on field trips, through busy airports and to crowded theme parks with market tattoos so they could find help and call me if we were separated. I realized there must be a better way to keep this information with them but many of my original ideas had flaws. I did not want personal information visible to strangers who could use it to trick my children. I did not want personal information on a name tag, I.D. jewelry or clothing my kids could remove or misplace. I decided they could not misplace a t-shirt with information written inside. Then I imagined them having to show the inside of their t-shirt (and what it covers) to a stranger. I had a brilliant idea, inside a pocket!!!!!

Then I met Stacey! Without Stacey my girls would still be the only two kids in peek-a-tees. I told Stacey about my worry gene and my t-shirts. One of us said "peek-a-tees" and we were on our way! Stacey convinced me other parents have worry genes and all children should have this tool to help find their adults/parents again if they do accidentally get lost.

Together we have created a way parents can uniquely personalize a t-shirt with text safely inside the pocket and a choice of 18 fun images on the outside of the pocket for an affordable price.

Our organic cotton t-shirts and 100% cotton long sleeve shirts come in sizes 2T-Youth XL. The inside pocket text can be four lines of anything you choose to say. The children in your life can now have phone numbers, medical information, encouraging words or anything you want to say to make them feel comfortable, confident and safer wherever they may be.

You can't always be with your child but with Peek-A-Tees our words can.

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