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What Are Peek A Tees?

What Are Peek A Tees | The Story of Peek A Tees | See How Green Our T-shirts Are

See How Green We Are

At Peek-A-Tees our goal is to provide our shirts as a tool to help children while using environmentally friendly means to achieve that goal.

Our short sleeve shirts are made of certified organically grown cotton. Organically grown cotton introduces fewer toxins into the environment, reducing our exposure to harmful chemicals.

Peek-A-Tees are produced locally in Pennsylvania under clean, safe, and comfortable conditions by employees who take pride in making each shirt as unique as the child wearing it.

We use aqua based textile inks made from plant based pigments containing no PVCs. Our inks are water soluble and clean up without the use of chemical solutions that can harm the environment and contaminate our water supply.

We take recycle, reduce, and reuse to heart. Our packaging products are made from 30% to 80% post consumer materials and are recyclable. We make every effort to eliminate production waste and repurpose or recycle everything we can. We encourage others to do the same.

At Peek-A-Tees we want our shirts to be good for children as well as our environment.

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